Suki Garrison

Suki Garrison, founder of Suki Beauty Studio, Master Artist and Master Trainer.

Suki has enjoyed over 10 years industry experience as an esthetician and cosmetologist then after she see how woman struggle with creating natural beauty with makeup every morning, she researched for the solution that is when she discovered microblading and permanent makeup.

She has successfully completed numerous classes and training programs with best masters around the world, also being a perfectionist and skilled which had earned her the titles of Master Artist and Beauty Angel Academy Master Trainer. To hone her skills, she continues to travel and attend seminars and conferences yearly to stay current on the latest techniques and trends.

Suki has meticulous eye for details and drive for perfection are apparent in her work. She takes the time to understand her clients’ desires and provides a tailored professional experience unique to the individual. To ensure quality work and amazing results, Suki uses only top-quality pigments and instruments.