What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a cutting edge method of permanent makeup designed to enhance the eyebrows. It involves a certified and licensed (Phibrows) artist using a hand held tool with a very fine blade to draw individual hairs, creating the illusion of full and perfectly shaped beautiful eyebrows.


Why Choose A Phibrows Certified Microblading Artist

Phibrows is a European company that has created a world renowned method of performing microblading that consistently produces high quality results among their trained artists.

Phibrows artists use proprietary techniques and instruments, as well as top quality products that enhance the results of their work.

It is highly recommended that you seek out a Phibrows trained artist to perform your microblading treatment.



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About Suki

Training & Experience

Suki was trained by PhiBrows Master Trainer: Kler Rosenberg. PhiBrows has set the highest quality standards in the industry. Which means their training process is very thorough and rigorous, with multiple levels of achievement to become a master.

Suki does a phenomenal job, highly attentive! She always goes above & beyond! I highly recommend her.

– Katie Monique O’Donnell

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What Suki's Clients Say

Sukhi is very knowledgeable and caring. She thoroughly explained the process and answered all of my questions. The procedure was virtually painless. I’m only one day post procedure so still healing but doing well. Sukhi provided me an aftercare kit and detailed instructions. I would definitely recommend Sukhi if you’re looking for a microblading artist.

~ Denise D.

Oh I’m in love with this place, everything in high end!!! Suki is talented and professional, now my brows look much better I feel myself beautiful. If you want to do micro blading or beautiful eyelashes -go to Suki. Eyelashes is looking so natural. Thank you for your job!!!!

~ Iryna C.

Suki is an outstanding artist and individual! I was very anxious about having microblading done and she eased by anxieties right away. She thoroughly explained the process to me and even showed me her sterile devices as well as their expiration dates. She’s a perfectionist and takes her time-something you absolutely want when having semi-permanent brows applied. Her love for her work shows and I can’t wait to try her other services!

~ Jessica D.

Suki did an awesome job on my faded previously microbladed brows. The person that did my brows first didn’t do the best job.  They turned brownish orange and were crooked and offcenter.  She spent so much time to make them perfect.  She is incredibly talented but I think the major difference between her services and other salons is how much she cares and takes pride in her work.  She wants you to love her work and for you to feel beautiful!  She’s the best!

~ Holly H.

I am so happy I chose Suki to do microblading on my eyebrows! Not only is a very sweet and warm person, she does amazing work and is a true artist. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process and that I was happy with the result. Her studio was clean and comfortable and she made sure I understood the process each step of the way. She is also big on safety (a huge plus!) Before microblading, my overly tweezed eyebrows made my eyes appear smaller and less open. After Suki was finished, my eyes appear much more open, the difference was amazing! She totally nailed what I was looking for! I highly recommend Beauty by Suki, you will not be disappointed!!

~ Katie R. S.

Suki was absolutely amazing!! I was so worried and had so many questions, but she answered them all without making me feel like an idiot! =) She was very professional, super sweet, and has a way of putting you at ease. I am so happy with the results, I had no idea it would look this good! I got microblading and lash extensions and I feel sssoooooooo pretty! My husband loves that it looks completely natural – and I can’t stop smiling! Thank you Suki! I will definitely be back! (also, folks, do your research! Don’t Google the cheapest place, or you’ll get the cheapest results! Suki took her time and made sure I got the perfect results! Worth. Every. Penny.)

~ Amanda W.S.

I always wanted to have long and beautiful eyelashes, but nature decides another way. Several times I tried to use fake eyelashes, but the result was bad – they were looking nasty and truly fake. Once I saw add on Facebook where Suki posted her promotion. I decided to try and when I came everything was nice, her office is very beautiful and geographically convenient, it is a gem! She was polite and very nice, can you believe it’s the first time when I’m happy and 100% satisfied with how my eyelashes looks like. Thanks Suki my lashes are bomb!!! I’ve got a lot of compliments.

~ Veranika S.

As a licensed aesthetician, nail technician, cosmetologist, and make up artist you could say that I know exactly what I’m looking for and that I might even be a little bit picky ;).
Bit after days and days of meticulously combing through comments and photos online, on Instagram Facebook yelp and Google reviews.. I decided to go with Suki because I saw that she can do more than just one shape, and we all know by now that one size does not fit all. Micro blading in today’s world is tricky because some people want what’s on trend, but what your technician should let you know is that you should really follow your natural brow pattern because trends come and go. She is very clean, sterile, and professional. She was not in the least bit upset when I asked her to change the shape in the initial consultation. She absolutely loves what she does, and she’s so talented. You’ll go far, Suki.. and I’ll follow you! I’ll never go to anyone else ‍

~ Micaela F.

This lady is a phil brow expert an does an awesome job! She DID my eyebrows because i barely had any an she an i both nearly cried! She’s caring an cares about you personally an she’s a perfectionist so if you want eyelashes (extentions) or micro blading she is by far the best in Charlotte, NC ! Even if i move out of state i will always come back to her!

~ Patty B.

This was my first micro blading experience and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results! Suki is beyond amazing at what she does, so attentive and caring. She answered all of my questions and made the process so easy. I love how she took her time to make sure everything was perfect! She explained everything before hand to ensure I was completely aware of what she was doing before she did it, no surprises. I am extremely fair skinned with strawberry blonde hair so in turn my eyebrows are barely noticeable, I normally have to use brow pencils and pomade in order to feel confident. Easily a 20 to 30 min. process just for eyebrows, not very “natural” looking at all. I am thrilled with my results she mixed different colors until she found the best match for me. I have eyebrows now and perfect ones at that!! It literally looks like hair I am still in shock at how beautiful they are,Suki is a true artist! Worth every penny, I don’t have one complaint. Thank you for my new brows Suki, I can’t wait to see you again for my touch up in a few weeks

~ Morgan M.

Suki did an awesome job with my brows. She did a great job with my previously tattooed brows that were actually uneven and she was able to fix them properly.

I will highly recommend her for microblading…She will do everything to make you happy with your brows and cares about how you feel with the results.

Thanks Suki!

~ Gail B.

I came here all the way from Raleigh because I couldn’t find anywhere around there that seemed reliable. Suki was charming, professional and explained the whole process to me from application through healing. She clearly cares about what she does. My eyebrows are massively overplucked and blonde so waking up with a defined face again and not having to spend half an hour each day drawing on brows is delightful! Highly recommended.

~ Beth F.

Thank you Suki!!! I finally can make facial expressions and it shows!!! I can wake up next to my boyfriend with more confidence. And I can now wear less make up and give myself an extra 30 minutes every morning and have time to eat breakfast. My eyebrows looked like they were in starvation for hair. And she filled in every part and it looked so defined and natural!!! I love how she comfortably walked me through the procedure and put me in such a comfort zone during the process. Below is my before and after picture!!! She is the best!! Nomore sharpie looking eyebrows!!!

~ T.N.

Suki does a phenomenal job, highly attentive! She always goes above & beyond! I highly recommend her.

~ Katie Monique O’Donnell

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